Donnavon Jones, better known by his stage name Donn Jones, is an American singer,songwriter and producer from Charleston, SC. At the young age of 13, he pursued his dream ofbecoming a rapper, until he realized in 2006, while stationed in Korea, his true talent of singing. He then began his journey by singing in various choirs leading Praise and Worship, open mic and talent showcases.
In 2012, Donn made his film debut appearing in the LeMelle Group and April Marcell produced independent film “No Weapon Shall Prosper”. He released his first mixtape Songs of My Life in April 2013, introducing him as an artist, expressing his life through song. A year later, Donn Jones would release his debut album Soul of a Man in April 2014; it is currently available on iTunes,, Google Play, and In Nov 2014, he released his second mixtape, Between the Sheets. Donn was featured on Music’s Most Wanted Vol. 9 hosted by DJ Khasper Bhinks Jan 2015, for his hit singles Leave With Me and Baby, Be My Girl. Both music videos and official music can be currently found on his YouTube channel.
In March 2017, Donn released his sophomore project,”Pain, Love, & Passion”, that displays a great blend of vintage R&B and new-age Soul; it’s available on all digital distribution sites. He is the founder & owner of Donn Jones Music, LLC which provides musical needs from singing to producing and sound engineering. Donn is also a certified audio engineer and received his certification in Audio Technology from SAE Institute of Atlanta where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Donn has worked as the sound engineer for numerous events, bands, churches, and venues. Donn also has expertise in studio recording and post-recording mixing. Donn spent 12 years active duty in the U. S. Air Force before becoming a full time audio engineer. 
Donn never forgets to give all the glory to God for his successes. He has and always, first, gives honor to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom he knows all of his gifts, talents, and opportunities comes from. For more on Donn Jones, follow him on social media.